20,860 Puzzle Glass Bowls

Steklarna Hrastnik Builds an 8.5 Tonne 3D Puzzle in the shape of the Pyramid

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Source: Planet TV

Puzzle in the show Da, dragi! Da, draga!

Product Puzzle "performs" in 53rd part of favourite TV series Da, dragi! Da, draga! which was scheduled on Planet TV.
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Puzzle Steklarna Hrastnik

Red Dot Award 2016

Red Dot is among the world’s biggest and most prestigious product design contests.
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Easter Egg

We have a new holiday experience in store for you.
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Puzzle at the Ambiente Fair

The Puzzle Bowls know no limits.
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Valentine’s Day Heart

We are surrounded with love every day, but sometimes we forget how important it is to show people that we love them.
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A hub of better solutions

Puzzle bowls at the 2015 REINNOVATOR ACADEMY Event

Puzzle bowls are developing into a genuine connecting element of experiences. On 3 December 2015, at the closing event of the 2015 Reinnovator Academy – Through Business to Social Impact, attended by over 100 opinion makers from civil society, NGOs, the academic world and the economy, the Puzzle bowls played two parts: in addition to decorating the ten tables, they were also given out as prizes to this year’s award winners.
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Connecting festive experiences

Glass Christmas Tree

We created a very special Christmas tree as another way of using the Puzzle bowls to connect experiences. Green Puzzle bowls form a pyramid decorated with gold Puzzle bowls. Visit the Glashuta shop in Hrastnik for this magical, festive experience.
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The leading structure

2015 MQ Conference for Innovative Leadership

The MQ conference attendees played around, but not with numbers or strategies!
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The Puzzle bowls and other Steklarna Hrastnik products make for beautiful gifts

Visit Us at the Ljubljana Christmas Market

The Puzzle bowls and an extensive selection of Steklarna Hrastnik products make for beautiful Christmas gifts, especially if you add a personal touch.
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Christmas decoration idea

Zasavje Florists Accept the Challenge

The glass Puzzle bowls can also serve as an attractive element of modern Christmas decorations and festive arrangements.
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The Puzzle bowls and youth

Y Institute

We took part in the 6th anniversary of the Y Institute...
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