The first 3D modular
glass bowl


Connecting experiences!

The Puzzle Story

Red Dot Award 2016 for Puzzle by Steklarna Hrastnik

Red Dot is among the world’s biggest and most prestigious product design contests.Read more

Points of Sale and Special Offers

Aesthetic, innovative and technically perfect Puzzle bowls are available from the following points of sale:Map


With a little bit of imagination, your Puzzle bowls can be used as serving bowls, candleholders, a key bowl, a soap dish, a miniature stackable chest of drawers, an advent wreath or a simple yet original decoration.


Let the Puzzle bowls bring out your creative side. Create an endless array of floral and decorative arrangements.


Pamper yourself. Create a Spa with style in your own home to relax and find new energy.

Let’s play!

Puzzle bowls are also a game. Bring out the child in you. Snacks served in the Puzzle bowls will enhance the experience at your table.

Order and organisation

Be original. Puzzle bowls can create a neat and tidy look that is still attractive. Keys, paperclips, erasers – always in their place.


Let love be your guide. Prepare a romantic candle-lit evening with the Puzzle bowls.


Bring pleasant fragrances into your home. Enjoy the full benefit of incense sticks without getting ash on the table.

Glass structures

The wide variety of glass structures constructed from Puzzle bowls is proof that the combination of excellent manufacturing and an original idea can lead to brand new creations. So far, we have seen a very special rock garden, a unique structure built at the event marking the 6th anniversary of the Y Institute and Christmas decorations created by florists. Still to come is a glass pyramid 3 m in height, the largest to date.

Our challenge to you is to create your own structure and publish the picture on our Facebook page.

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The Story

At Steklarna Hrastnik, we create stories. Regardless of the challenges faced throughout our 155 years of existence, our highest priorities have never changed: respect, connecting and trust – towards our employees as well as our business partners, the local environment and the owners. Maintaining a responsible attitude brings more than mere survival – it leads to development, success and a brighter future for the Hrastnik glassworks and the entire valley.Find out more

Developing the Puzzle Bowl

Highly innovative, the glass Puzzle bowls are the world’s first 3D stackable glass product. Distinguished by their modularity, they can be stacked together from all sides as well as on top of each other.Find out more