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Find out where you can buy the glass Puzzle bowls

Packaging and Positioning of Puzzle Bowls in Shopping Centres

The Puzzle Bowls are available in two types of packaging. The small gift box contains two bowls. In 2015, we changed the appearance of our cardboard gift box with a new image and the slogan “Connecting experiences”. The slogan also tells the story that we are creating on the market with our Puzzle Bowls. Gift box size: 10.7 cm height, 13 cm width, 13 cm depth. 
The other type of packaging is a brown, industrial box containing 6 Puzzle Bowls. It is 13 cm tall, 26 cm wide and 18 cm deep.
To better highlight the Puzzle Bowls, we have prepared pallet stacking. The stand and casing can be made from cardboard or more durable polypak material. The graphics complement the packaging design. The stands are easy to assemble and transport. A space is left blank on the sides to provide room for subsequent special offer stickers.
One pallet can hold around 378 gift boxes.
Display packaging of 36 pieces Puzzle mini.

Points of Sale

Aesthetic, innovative and technically perfect Puzzle bowls are currently available from the following points of sale, shopping centers Spar Slovenia, Merkur Slovenia, ELeclerc, Hofer Slovenia, Nama Ljubljana, Maxi Ambient, Mercator Tehnika, Plodine Croatia and all Spar hypermarkets in Croatia. Puzzle bowls are also available in France, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Germany in major shopping centers. The points of sale list will be regularly updated. Would you like the unique Puzzle bowls to be available in your home town? We welcome your suggestions at info@steklarna-hrastnik.si.

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